Humanitarian Logistics Short Courses

CILT(UK) has developed a number of bespoke field-based logistics and supply chain management short courses for humanitarian non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
The courses are designed to support local capacity building and include:
• Field warehousing and inventory management
• Managing a medical supply chain
• Field logistics
• Train the trainer
Each course is designed in close consultation with clients and aims to encourage the sharing of best practice and experience between staff, from the same agency or from multiple agencies, in the logistics and supply chain management. Course activities include team and project work, as well as assignments that can be used to apply the essons learned back in participants’ own operations.

Field logistics in emergencies

This five-day experiential course provides participants with an overview of logistics systems, their relevance in humanitarian programmes and an understanding of the principles and practice of humanitarian supply chains. It covers a wide range of topics, including:
• Needs assessment
• Warehousing
• Order processing and management
• Inventory control
• Fleet management
• Communications
• Risk assessment
• Finance
• Recruitment
• Physical security
The five-day course, approved by CILT, runs twice a year and aims to help participants to develop the competencies needed to manage fi eld logistics in a humanitarian context.
This is a highly participative course that simulates the experience of being at the centre of an emergency response.